How to spread the voice!


You wrote it… Now promote it!

Work with Ledizioni-Ledipublishing in order to maximise the exposure of your work.

What can authors do

There are simple things you can do to make your book more visible to your students and colleagues. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Ask for your personalized PDF flyer. Just contact your editor ans ask to have a PDF flyer. In a few days our marketing department will produce it and send it to you.
  • Link your book’s webpage from you personal website. Update your list of publications on your university’s website to include your newest book. Adding a hyperlink on your website to the book’s page on helps to increase the discoverability of your title, as search engines like Google use a variety of criteria to best match search results to users’ queries, including how many other websites link to that page. Every link from one website to another is treated as a “vote” or a citation, though search engines weight some sites as having more “votes” or influence than others. For example, a link to your site from The Wall Street Journal is considered significantly more important than a link from your cousin’s personal homepage.
  • Mention your new book in relevant talks. Don’t be shy! Add a mention to your book at the end of relevant talks to let the audience know about your new book. Just copy the cover image from Ledizioni-Ledipublishing website or ask it to your editor.
  • Share a link to your book via social media. Nowadays people spend lot of time on social media. If you’re a user too, just mention it to your contacts on social media.
  • Add a link to your new book in your email signature. A simple link to your book on can help inform students and colleagues of your most recent publications. With very little effort, you can spread the word about your book with every email you send.
  • Wikipedia. Write a Wikipedia article about your scholarship or your subject specialization. Include all relevant published work with links and with you book as well. This will be quite an effort, we know it, but you will contribute to collective knowledge and you wil also spread the word about jour work!

What Ledizioni-Ledipublishing can do for you

As your publisher, Ledizioni-Ledipublishing already promotes your book to the scholarly market in various ways, including book reviews, email newsletters, catalogs, advertising, and social media.  We regularly send inspection and review copies: if you have a list of possible reviewers, just forward it and we will mail the copies on you behalf.

We are always open to suggestion and cooperation with our authors, so do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us!