Standard conditions of sale of LediPublishing, an imprint of Ledizioni SRL

  1. Ledizioni’s Standard Conditions of Sale apply to all offers made by Ledizioni and to all contracts between Ledizioni and the Purchaser, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. In case Ledizioni notifies the Purchaser of additional conditions, such conditions shall prevail. Standard conditions used by the Purchaser shall not apply.
  2. All Ledizioni products are sold as is, with no warranties of fitness for any particular purpose.
  3. All copyrights, trademark rights, database rights, subsidiary rights and other intellectual property rights shall remain the sole property of Ledizioni. The Purchaser shall not sell any Ledizioni product except as agreed with Ledizioni, or produce derivative works, or upload, mount or distribute any part of the Ledizioni products on the Internet, with the exception of Ledizioni Open Access products where the relevant Creative Commons License shall apply.
  4. The personal data of the Purchaser are stored in accordance with the Italian Law for the Protection of Personal Data. Such data will not be passed on to third parties.
  5. Ledizioni is entitled to alter prices at any time. The price of Ledizioni products shall be as set by Ledizioni at the time when the agreement with the Purchaser is concluded. All prices stated are exclusive of sales tax and exclusive of any other taxes, customs duties, or transport costs. These costs will be charged separately.
  6. Ledizioni remains the owner of all products supplied until the Purchaser has paid for them. At the moment when the products are delivered to the shipper (FOB), the Purchaser shall bear the risk with regard to the products.
  7. Ledizioni or its distributor will issue an invoice to the Purchaser stating products sold, price, shipping costs and sales tax and the Purchaser will pay the amount stated on the invoice within thirty days after the date stated on the invoice and before the order is shipped.
  8. In the case of a sale through the Ledizioni website, Ledizioni will issue an order confirmation stating products sold, price and VAT with regard to the products to the Purchaser after the Purchaser has paid the amount stated on the electronic order form using the credit card facility on the Website. This facility will send a separate financial statement.
  9. Ledizioni shall deliver the products as soon as possible after receipt of the Purchaser’s order, subject to availability. All delivery dates are target dates, not firm dates.
  10. Should the Purchaser have a complaint about a product, s/he must notify Ledizioni in writing within 14 days after receipt of the product. The Purchaser shall not return product before receiving Ledizioni’s prior permission. The right to return products is limited to damaged products and/or products that do not conform to the order placed by the Purchaser, unless otherwise agreed. Ledizioni will not grant permission to return products in case of a special offer. The Purchaser shall pay return postage. All returned products must be packed properly and accompanied by the original delivery document and/or the original address label.
  11. In the case of journals and online product licenses, cancellations with regard to the current subscription period are not accepted.
  12. An individual Purchaser who buys a print product online, and who does not act on behalf of an institution, company or trade agent, has the right to notify Ledizioni within 14 days of his/her wish to return such print product and cancel the sale, even in the case of a journal subscription. The individual Purchaser need not give a reason for his wish to return the product. Ledizioni will return the purchase price and shipping costs, but the cost of returning the product must be borne by the Purchaser.
  13. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with italian laws and be brought before the competent court in Milan, Italy.