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Why publish with LediPublishing?


At LediPublihing we work closely with authors to preserve their authentic voice and provide an unbiased platform for debate. We strongly believe that new digital technologies and Open access offer efficient ways to be a better academic publisher.

We are convinced that the role of the publisher must radically change, and we trying to achieve this change. Our key points are:

– We offer modularized services in order to better serve the academic community. The era of “one solution fits them all” is over. With LediPublishing you can choose exactly what you need and find the most cost-effective strategy
– We are dedicated to expressing your ideas and insights in an undiluted fashion, to as wide an audience as possible.
– We believe that a publisher has to find his role in order to add value to the system, not being a burden.
– A publisher needs to develop partnerships: we strive for a close author–publisher cooperation, in all aspects of the publication, achieved with an open dialogue with our authors.
– Distribution: a prestigious network of international distribution partners, Ingram International in US and UK, LightningSource and Messaggerie Libri for Italy; plus digital expertise in a range of eBook platforms and formats. Your ePub eBook will be listed on Amazon and on all other online retailers.
– Environmental sustainability: we’re committed to responsible publishing methods, and continuously monitor and look to reduce our impact on the environment.
– Open Access: we’re committed to Open Access since our foundation, in 2009, and we’re an active part of the European OA community.
– Fast turnaround: depending on the Peer-review method selected, on project complexity and on the services that you will require us, a book is published within 2/4 month from submission.