The uprising of the anti-feminism instances in times of populisms


ISBN: 9788855265072
Series: Publication: 2021 Packaging Type: Paperback Language: English


Considering the role of feminist movements in history as fundamental as much as in the current period and given the brutal attack that women’s rights are undergoing worldwide today, I wondered why feminism has grown so unpopular and, more specifically, why the mention of the word “feminism” so frequently gives rise to negative, disdainful responses. I wondered if the increasing violation of women’s rights had, to a certain extent, a connection with this feeling of detachment and rejection of feminism, which is a reality that feminists must take into consideration. I have, thus, decided to undertake an analysis of antifeminism to understand the profound reasons for this denigration and refusal.
I tried to use a feminist methodological framework to select, describe and analyse the data and the literature in this book, in the belief that feminist research is a perspective in a given field of inquiry rather than a specific set of research field in itself. The book is addressed to my students and testifies to a little piece of the journey I have made with them reasoning about this and everything that has to do with freedom.

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