European Modernism Studies

The series intends to publish volumes by Italian and foreign scholars, whose object is literary modernism, in its various forms and in its various articulations. In fact, the primary purpose is to analyze and study the main issues that agitate the debate on European modernism, such as periodization, geographical boundaries, the concepts of center and periphery, the canon and the authors that constitute it, the persistence of modernism throughout the course of the twentieth century, the relationship with realism and postmodernism, the theoretical-literary aspects. The comparative and multidisciplinary approach is privileged: for this reason the literature, and especially the national literatures, constitutes only a starting point and the lowest common denominator of the various volumes, which it is then hoped will be able to contaminate with other disciplines such as the history of art, music, philosophy, popular culture. At the same time, an editorial space will always be preserved for those volumes dealing with the canonical and reference authors of the years between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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