Luc Desaunettes-Barbero


Luc Desaunettes-Barbero is a post-doctoral researcher at CRIDES (UCLouvain, Belgium) and a member of CEIPI research department (University of Strasbourg, France). He is also currently a lecturer in IP law at the University of Saint Louis (Belgium) and at the MIPLC (Germany) as well as in competition law at the SciencePo Strasbourg and the University of Strasbourg (France). Before joining UCLouvain, Luc prepared his PhD on the legal protection of trade secrets at the Max-Planck-Institute in Munich and the CEIPI in Strasbourg. Luc is the author of several publications and studies on IP law, concerning beyond Trade secrets law, notably copyright the data-driven economy, artificial intelligence or the TRIPS agreements. He is also the co-authors of two manuals on competition law.