China and India in the Twenty-First Century


ISBN: 9791256001033
Series: Publication: 2024 Packaging Type: Paperback


Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence, where digitalization has transformed the globe worldwide. This book investigates the ‘system capabilities’ and its utilization through the lens of leadership as per its idiosyncrasy. The thesis of this book emphasizes that it is not the form of government but the efficient utilization of the system capabilities by the leadership that make the difference in the socio-political and economic development of any country in the world. It provides a dynamic landscape of globalization, discovering how two economic dynamos—China and India—navigate and shape the complicated web of global relations in the contemporary era.
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, understanding the roles of major players in shaping global systems is crucial. China and India, with their rich histories, diverse cultures, and rapidly evolving economies, stand as pivotal actors in the unfolding narrative of our shared global future.


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