Rana Eijaz Ahmad


Rana Eijaz Ahmad has a Ph.D. in international relations specializing in international political economy. He is one of the senior professors in the Department of Political Science and was a Host Director at the Confucius Institute Punjab University Lahore from 2017 to 2023. Professor Ahmad wrote a book, Globalization and its Impact on Pakistan, in 2004. The Oslo University College, Norway, borrowed two chapters 1 and 3 (60 pages) of Professor Ahmad’s book Globalization and Its Impact on Pakistan for the syllabus of Journalism and Communication in the Era of Globalization and Transformation. Professor Ahmad also delivered lectures at the State University of New York campuses. One is at the University at Buffalo, Cora P. Maloney College. The Second lecture was at Buffalo State College, U.S.A. The third lecture was at the West Virginia University Morgan Town, USA. He also translated a novel, Samarkand, from English to Urdu. He supervised many theses at the M.A., MPhil, and PhD levels. Professor Ahmad has represented Pakistan on more than 20 occasions in different parts of the world. He edits a Politics and International Studies journal published at the University of Punjab Lahore.