ISBN: 9788867055470
Editor(s): Giovanni Carbone
Series: Publication: 2016 Packaging Type: Paperback Language: English


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Has the new South Africa – once an inspiring “rainbow nation” – failed the expectations it had generated? Is the country now in a crisis? Two decades after the end of the apartheid regime, Africa’s southernmost state faces multiple political, economic and social challenges. A lackluster growth performance is compounded by mounting corruption and political turbulence, as well as by the frustration of many ordinary citizens who expected much more rapid social and economic improvement. Labour strikes, student protests and anti-immigrant riots have all been on the rise. As a clear sign of increasing dissatisfaction, uncertainty and decline, the ruling African National Congress recently ran into its worst electoral result ever – if still only at local levels. Meanwhile, Jacob Zuma’s embattled presidency, marred by allegations of corruption and political cronyism, sent South Africa’s international image plummeting alongside the Rand, the national currency. This volume sheds light on the current difficulties and discusses future prospects. The “new” South Africa is a country in dire need for change.

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Autore: a cura di Giovanni Carbone
Editore: Ledizioni
Collana: Pubblicazioni ISPI
Pubblicato in: novembre 2016
Lingua: inglese
ISBN cartaceo: 9788867055470
ISBN Epub: 9788867055487
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Prezzo Epub: 6,99 [euro]


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